Who is

Robert NGALOMBA is experienced ICT Specialist and Certified in Project Management for Development Professional (PMD Pro), with extensive experience in ICT and Development who has been helping different organisations and projects to achieve their goals through use of ICT Systems. In his role, he has been working / consulting with national, multinational and International development projects. This has been possible only due to his ability to work directly with technical and non-technical audience in their own language.


ICT Infrastructure , Management Information Systems, SDLC, ICT Service Management, ICT Security, and Project Management.

Professional Experience

Among organisation / projects he has worked and continue working for, includes Multinational private firm, United Nations, iNGOs, State Organs / Government project(s), and short assignment to other African countries provided a room to develop ability to translate business requirement and technology that brings impact to development projects.


Skype: robert.ngalomba
LinkedIn: Robert Ngalomba
Facebook: Robert.Ngalomba
Twitter: @ngalomba